Procurement Futures, 4-5 October 2022 : Procurement Futures, 4-5 October 2022 Procurement Futures, 4-5 October 2022


Procurement Futures offers you a totally new event experience – where you can get the insights, interactions and inspiration to take your procurement function to the next level.
As a procurement and supply chain professional, you’re at the centre of a huge paradox. On one hand, macroeconomics and geopolitics have combined to create massive challenges on cost and supply chain resilience. On the other, procurement functions are now pivotal to delivering on ESG commitments and have a unique opportunity to become a key driver of value within their organisations.
Our programme is structured so that at any point you can interact with our world class content or network with other attendees in the way that you choose – so whether you’re a seasoned CPO or a rising procurement star, you can focus on what works for you.

Procurement Futures gives you and your team everything you need to excel in this new environment:

Want insights from over 50 CPOs and senior procurement leaders into how they are dealing with this? Done.

Want a content agenda where you can choose from presentations, workshops, roundtable discussions and mini-hackathons to get the experience you want? Look no further.

Want tailored networking opportunities where you can meet people at the right level? No problem.

Want to exchange views with your peers in workshops, discussions and invitation-only forums? Got it.

Want advice from leaders of your profession on how to develop your own career? Sorted.

Want super-fast tech demos from leading solution providers? All good.

Best of all, you can mix and match all this so that you create a unique event experience that gives you exactly the takeaways that you need.


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data-drive procurement and digital transformation solutions

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in the Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity (VUCA) era

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